Six Ways to Make Water Less Gross

Everyone has different advice when it comes to drinking water. “Drink 8 glasses a day,” “Drink half your body weight in ounces,” and (maybe the worst of all) “Drink one EXTRA cup of water per cup of coffee.” That’s only to name a few. We all know we need to drink water, a pretty significant amount at that, but who says it has to be boring?! If you’re one of those people that just likes plain water we’re all jealous, but most humans would prefer something a little more exciting. Here are six fun ways to switch up your water!

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1. Fruit Infused Water
This is a pretty well known one, so we won’t pretend we made this one up. It can be as simple as adding lemon or mixing up a recipe of your own! A few of our favorite combinations are: basil, lemons, and strawberries; honeydew, cucumber, and mint;  pineapple, coconut, and lime; and mango, raspberry, and ginger. Get creative. Do some research on other health benefits of the fruits you’re using! Did you know pineapple is amazing for your gut health? Each fruit serves a purpose beyond just tasting delicious!

2. Drink Sparkling Water
if you are someone who prefers a carbonated drink! Soda is more than just empty calories, it is filled with artificial dyes, flavors, and sugars that can cause many other health issues. Passing up on a soda for sparkling water is a great way to scratch the bubbly itch without other nasty ingredients!

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3. Use Bouillon Cubes
When you think of flavored waters you automatically think of fruits and other sweet components, but if you’re in to the more savory side of life add in a bouillon cube and some of your favorite seasonings! We recommend using a low-fat and low-sodium option! Add in seasonings like cayenne to boost metabolism, turmeric for inflammation, and garlic for better heart health! Make sure to use high quality spices for maximum benefits!

4. Make Tea!
Decaffeinated tea is a great way to rehydrate and relax! If you made it through your day and realized you need just one more glass of water, grab your favorite sleepy time tea and get ready for a great night’s rest! Even if you prefer tea during the day as well, we recommend sticking with a decaf as too much caffeine can be counter productive. When it comes to sweeteners, try a natural sweetener like monk fruit or agave!

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5. Water Enhancing Drops
If you’re on the go, the last thing you have time for is chopping fruit or boiling water. When you’re in a rush there is nothing wrong with adding in a few drops of a water flavorer! There are countless brands and flavors to try! Mix and match to make a custom one just for you!

6. Drink Clean, Filtered Water.
We don’t blame you for not wanting to drink impure tap water. You have many different options when it comes to filtered water. Water delivery, a filtration attachment for your sink, and buying one time use plastic bottles are just a few of the ways you can get fresh drinking water to your family!

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Water doesn’t have to be boring, and drinking water doesn’t have to hurt our planet either! Using a reusable water bottle and a home filtration system not only gives your delicious clean water, it also helps save our planet from one time use plastics like water bottles! If you want more information on getting a home filtration system installed, contact Water Tight Plumbing and Sewer today!

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