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Water heater getting old?

Is your water heater getting old…  maybe 10 years old or even older?  Is your pilot light not staying lit?  Have you been noticing minor leaks or drips?  Now would be a good time to change your water heater!   ** Plumbing suppliers are indicating a 15-30% increase in the cost of various water heaters**  Call Water Tight Plumbing TODAY  for your free estimate, and let Water Tight Plumbing your water heater experts do the rest…

Cold temperatures…

Insulate pipes in unheated areas or against outside walls that are not insulated, make sure to check the garage and crawl space!  Apply insulation or heat tape to pipes that are prone to freezing or are exposed.  Make sure the heat is set no lower than 55 degrees.

These are recommendation and not guarantees.   If you do have a pipe that freezes shut off the water to the home and call a plumber.


Make sure that the outside discharge for your sump pump line is unobstructed.  An obstruction could cause the line to freeze causing a back up that could result in sump pump failure.

What is a garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes,  Hammes was an architect from Racine, Wisconsin.  Hammes opened up a company called InSinkErator and his disposals went on the market in 1940.  The garbage disposal in an electric device mounted under the kitchen sink and it shreds food generally small enough to go through the plumbing.